Chiropody treatments in Worthing

At Broadwater Osteopathic Practice, alongside providing osteopathy we also provide a host of other treatments. One of these treatments is Chiropody.

Chiropody treatment in Worthing

Chiropody treatment involves the assessment and treatment of the feet. A visit to a chiropodist or podiatrist will include a consultation about general health and wellbeing, before a thorough assessment of the condition of the feet, addressing any areas of concern. Treatments may look at removal of corns and hard skin, nail trims, fungal nail treatments, verruca treatments, diabetic assessments and management. Advice will often be provided on care between appointments and recommendations may be made on products that may help with foot and nail health. 

Sue Potten Chiropodist Worthing

Our chiropodist Sue Potten, we believe (and since when have we ever been wrong) is the best chiropodist in Worthing, West Sussex. Alongside having the best bubbly personality and providing us BOP staff with lots and I mean lots of food, she is passionate about feet and keeping yours in tip top or should that be tip toe condition.

Sue qualified as a Chiropodist in 2001 from the Open College of British Chiropody and Podiatry, Maidenhead and is registered with the Health Practice Council. Sue is also trained in reflexology, hot stone reflexology and hot stone facial reflexology. Sue feels that the lifestyle, medical conditions and environment of the patient is extremely important, and this leads to appreciating their individual chiropody needs. Her goal is to work with the client to achieve comfort and relief from pain.

One of Sue’s chosen areas of particular interest is in treating fungal nail conditions, using skills such as the “wilde pedique” technique of prosthetic nails, with deflective padding to relieve painful areas by gentle palliative methods, helping to resolve foot problems overall.

Sue is also experienced in making custom-made orthotic prescriptions and offers a range of solutions for all budgets and needs. Sue is keen to advise and help with your foot issues and will do all she can to put the spring back in your step! To find out more please click this link 

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