Chiropody for foot health in winter months-by chiropodist Sue Potten

How can chiropody help to keep your feet healthy through the winter months.

Foot care tips for the winter months

As we approach winter we need to look out for our feet.  They contribute to our health and comfort so it’s important to look after them. So here are some top tips!

Try and keep your feet warm, clean and dry. May be purchase some “sealskinz” socks (don’t panic there not made from actual seal skin!) these are waterproof and flexible especially good for active sports such as walking and running. Make sure that any socks you wear are not ill –fitting too tight or rucked up at the end of your shoes causing rubbing, blisters or corns.

If you take part in sports activities please take time to warm up ,the cold means less flexibility in our bodies so we need a little more time to warm those muscles up. Fewer strains will occur so less pain in the long run.

Diabetic foot care is always essential but poses a bigger challenge in winter. Inspect your feet daily as usual, wear the right foot wear, keep feet dry and moisturize your feet. Keep away from extreme temperatures on the skin for example hot water bottles or toasting those tootsies by the fire! Regular Chiropody is a worthwhile investment and above all control that blood sugar!

At BOP we are here to maintain your health and your feet are as important as the rest of you.

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