Cough and cold remedies


Remedies for coughs and colds Just about everyone at the moment seems to have a cold, cough or flu. If you have survived it so far, you are doing well. Today’s blogpost looks at self help measures to try and combat bugs that are doing the rounds, whilst boosting our immune system and lessening inflammation […]

Back Pain tips for car journeys


Getting in and out of your car with Back Pain – All you need is a plastic bag and a bit of imagination! One thing that a lot of our patients struggle with when they experience back pain, is getting into and out of their cars. Sometimes this may be due to the car itself, not being […]

Fall prevention advice


What can you do to help prevent a fall At this time of year, as the weather gets colder and the roads more icy there is an increased risk of falls. Falls, especially those that result in hip fractures, can have a huge impact on not only the unlucky person, but also their family and […]

Back pain- is your bag the cause


Rucksacks and Bags….pack them well to avoid pain and question….do I REALLY need this today? Rucksacks are a great way to carry school and work ESSENTIALS when used and packed well. Sadly we see many people in practice with the after effects of BRP (bag related pain) mostly from either excessive contents or poor wearing. […]

Get a good night, with the right pillow- by Osteopath Susan Bunce


Get a good night with the right pillow There are so many pillows on the market nowadays that choosing the right one has become a chore in itself. From memory foam to feather to orthopaedic the choice is huge. Getting a good night’s rest and waking up in the morning with less neck and back […]

Back Pain- 3 Self Help Remedies to try at home


You can take an active role in controlling your back pain with a DIY massage, which is available to you any time for little to no cost. Please note that this advice is a guide only and is not suitable for everyone with back pain. Please ask your GP or osteopath before you complete any of these suggestions. […]

Fibromyalgia treatment in Worthing


What is Fibromyalgia and what are the common symptoms Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that causes widespread pain throughout the body. Alongside the pain, it is common for sufferers to also have one or more of the following complaints; restless legs, poor sleep, extreme tiredness, headaches, irritable bowel, reduced memory/concentration (fibro-fog), muscle stiffness and increased […]

ME and Chronic Fatigue with Broadwater Osteopaths


Chronic Fatigue and ME Chronic fatigue syndrome is classified by fatigue that persists even with rest and sleep and effects everyday life.  This is way beyond simply feeling tired and can lead to severe disability and long-term illness. The condition is more common in women and there may be some genetic link. Most commonly the […]

Posture and the dreaded forward head by osteopath Susan Bunce


The curse of the forward head posture In clinic many of my clients present to me with a classic postural problems and the ‘forward head posture’ (FHP) This tends to have been perfected by the client over a period of time and results in the head drifting forward, instead of the ears being positioned over […]