Back and Pelvic Pains during Pregnancy are a common issue, by Broadwater Osteopaths, Worthing

Pregnancy is a time of great emotion and also a time for great change too. Many women experience a joyful pregnancy without too many challenges,  but for others this is simply not the case.

During pregnancy there are a huge number of postural and hormonal changes that your body goes through and these put demands on your body. Normally your joints, muscles and ligaments will all adapt as your body changes and your baby grows. Some people will however experience difficulties and pains during different stages. Many women will experience this in their lower back or pelvic areas. Studies have shown that between 50-80% of women can experience low back pain for example,  and this is where an Osteopath may be able to help.

Osteopathy is both safe and effective as a treatment choice at any stage of pregnancy. Many women will attend the practice for help with back and pelvic girdle pain, others due to associated pregnancy symptoms. Treatment will be appropriate to your stage of pregnancy and your osteopath will generally look to provide both hands-on treatment and provide you with self-help ideas too. This may involve the use of support belts, exercises and postural advice.

After birth, Osteopathic treatment can help you get back in to shape and ease tensions built up through pregnancy and whilst caring for your baby. An Osteopath can also treat baby too!

For more advice and assistance, contact the practice and speak to Gemma Radmall or Helen Mayors our osteopath’s who have a special interest in pregnancy and women’s health.

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