Gua Sha treatment in Worthing


Gua Sha: A bizarre but highly effective add-on treatment to acupuncture. By Caroline Crowther BSc (hons) MBAcC DipFH   Gua Sha Treatment Gua Sha is an ancient East-Asian treatment where a blunt-edged instrument is used to repeatedly stroke oiled skin. Similar to cupping, a red/dark/purple rash tends to appear on the skin and is an expected side effect […]

What is Osteopathy


How osteopaths treat and what osteopathic treatment may help you with. Ever wondered what an Osteopath does or what Osteopathy may help you with? These videos explore just this. At BOP we have 6 Osteopaths. All have slightly different skill sets, but all 6 are highly skilled professionals. Find out more about our Osteopathic team on our website or […]

Acupuncture – How does it work


How does acupuncture work? If you are wondering just how acupuncture works and indeed what it may help to treat, this short video is a good starting point. Just click the link here to access the video on You Tube:–Q Acupuncture in Worthing At BOP we are fortunate to have 2 excellent Acupuncturists, Rebecca and […]

Benefits of Massage treatment


Massage treatment benefits  Massage treatments in Worthing At BOP our massage team will often help support the work of the osteopaths in maintaining joint mobility and tissue flexibility between treatments. Why not book a massage with Wendy or Nicki today and see how much better you feel. Treatments start at just £42 for a 45 minute session. […]

Advice on boosting energy levels


Our body, much like our car needs fuel to run. What type of fuel we put in and how well our body processes this fuel, will determine how well we run. Of course each of us will be different, but there are some things we could all consider when making food choices, to help support […]

Self-care – A starter kit for busy lives


Wellbeing as part of daily self care Self-care is so important and making time for it each day is vital to both physical and mental wellness. Allow yourself 20 minutes a day and test out some of our self-care ideas. Making time for self-care can help reduce stress, improve sleep, enhance mood and build immunity. […]

Asthma-self help and manual therapy


How can manual therapy help asthma sufferers Asthma is caused by inflammation of the airways to the lungs, resulting in them becoming both swollen and narrowed, therefore making breathing more difficult. Asthmatics will often suffer symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, chest tightness and shortness of breath. As yet there is no cure for asthma so treatment […]

Diabetes Self Help


Diabetes is probably one of the most common medical complaints. I suspect all of us will know someone who either has it or has been classed as being pre-diabetic, but what exactly is it and what can we do to help lessen our chances of getting it? Type 2 Diabetes explained There are 2 main […]

Osteopath, Physiotherapist or Chiropractor


Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or Massage therapist- who to choose It will come as no surprise that this is often the first question people ask when they call us in pain. Who should I see to fix my problem, Osteopathy, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or Massage Therapist? In reference to the osteo, physio or chiro debate, it really […]

The benefits of Magnesium


Magnesium seems to be gaining increasing popularity as a supplement and for good reason. Many of our team may recommend the use of magnesium as a spray or as an Epsom salt bath to ease aching joints and muscles. Magnesium plays a huge part on so many of our bodily functions and is an essential […]