6 tips to help boost your energy

6 tips to help boost your energy through changes to your diet

Our body, much like our car needs fuel to run. What type of fuel we put in and how well our body processes this fuel, will determine how well we run. Of course each of us will be different, but there are some things we could all consider when making food choices, to help support our body to optimise our fuel, therefore providing us with sufficient energy.

There are several key elements in our energy production process that we need to get right. The key tips below are not covering everything, they are just a starter guide to consider along the path to boosting energy.

  1. Try to resist the temptation to give in to caffeine and sugar. Whilst these do give a temporary stimulation and make us feel like we have a peak of energy, this will be followed by a crash and the peaks and troughs are not great for the bodies preferred stable environment.
  2. Keep blood sugars stable throughout the day with 3 well balanced meals evenly spaced out. If you have a day that is particularly demanding physically you may require some additional snacks in between meals, but on the whole, reserve snacking to just this role.
  3. Up your anti-oxidants to help give your bodies cells their best chance. Aim to include a variety of colours of fruit and veg each day and ideally include 6 veg and 2 fruit at least each day. Don’t go too high on the fruits, as we want to keep blood sugars stable, but aim for a good combination of colourful veg each day.
  4. Boost your omega 3 by incorporating some oily fish, the smaller fish are often better. Look for sardines, mackeral or herrings.
  5. Boost your vitamin B and Magnesium levels. Include whole grains in your diet, nuts, seeds, quinoa, wild rice, lean meat, leafy greens and even some dark chocolate too (over 70%)
  6. Make sure you exercise too. Moving the body will help to also move the gut and help it to function better, enhancing your energy. Get outdoors, breathe and move.

**Adding any supplementation to your diet is best considered after professional advice has been given, specific to your healthcare needs and taking into consideration any medication you are taking

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